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Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid Concentrate 500mg - 100 vcaps
Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid Concentrate 500mg - 100 vcaps

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid Concentrate 500mg - 100 vcaps

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Solaray Vitamin C is designed to support normal healthy collagen synthesis, cartilage and bone development, central nervous system, immune system, antioxidant activity and blood vessel maintenance.

Designed to create supplements that simply work better, our formula combines 500 mg of vitamin C with the buffering minerals calcium and magnesium designed to support gentle digestion. We also include our Sun Grown Vitamin C Support Base from Rose Hips and Acerola Cherries, as well as a Bioflavonoids Concentrate designed to promote absorption and bioavailability of the vitamin while helping to provide additional support for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
Live brighter with Vitamin C Solaray!
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), calcium (from calcium carbonate), magnesium (from maanesia oxide), vitamin C supporting base (rose hip and acerola cherry), bioflavonoids concentrate (from lemon), rutin concentrate, hesperidin concentrate, cellulose capsule, magnesium stearate and acacia.

Use only for its intended purpose. Take 1 VegCap with a meal or glass of water. Store in a cool dry place.