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The Polish brand ActivLab has projects that can be called “innovative”. Activlab - the first in the world to create a drink based on the BCAA. They also introduced a new source of hypoallergenic protein with superior digestibility - Protein Hydrolyzate. Being a leader in innovation in the sports industry is a big responsibility, which is why every day the development team does everything possible to ensure that Activlab products meet the highest expectations of active people and athletes.

Top products on the sports nutrition market:

  • XTRA with Branched Chain Amino Acids The world's first branched chain amino acid in beverage form. Two versions: Zero Cukru and Caffeine.
  • Creatine Oatmeal (3000mg Creatine) is recommended for long-term workouts to provide quick energy. Carbohydrates with different absorption times.
  • IsoActive: The first isotonic beverage on the market to contain functional additives.
  • ElectroVit: Unlike other products, it contains a complete set of electrolytes - sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and calcium with a strong orange flavor;
  • BCAA XTRA SHOT: Unlike most products, our injection contains 4000 mg of BCAA in just 80 ml in a 2: 1: 1 ratio.

    ActivLab was the first to introduce a new product with excellent digestibility - poultry protein hydrolyzate:

    Hypoallergenic protein is obtained by hydrolysis and processing. The polypeptide chain in the protein structure is broken, resulting in the formation of a shorter chain or amino acid, and a longer polypeptide chain is more easily absorbed by the body. Hydrolyzed protein is easy to digest, and amino acids are more easily absorbed by the digestive tract and absorbed faster by the body. In addition, compared to others, the raw materials used to obtain the hydrolyzate have a low fat content, which makes it low in calories and easily digestible. Poultry protein hydrolyzate is different from all dairy proteins in foods and supplements that are commonly used for specific purposes. It is free of lactose, which can cause food allergies.

    Activlab was born out of demand and the brand's mission is to serve customers for 18 years. The brand's slogan: “Improve your world” follows the slogan “Your goal is our passion”. The passion for creating new things comes from the heart of the people behind the development of the brand, which is why products are often the first on the market to be innovative and superior in quality. By purchasing Activlab in bulk from DSN Group, you understand that you are targeting unique products for your customers.

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