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For many customers, the American manufacturer of vitamins and dietary supplements Solgar is the gold standard for superior quality vitamins and minerals. The brand has vitamins available for nearly everything from overall health and immune support to focus supplements to improve sleep or bone health.

The manufacturer Solgar has been around for many years and knows that a client's health support needs are a very important mission, and you can't skimp on it. Therefore, selected ingredients are used, which pass all the necessary certifications to obtain excellent products.

Solgar is one of the best-selling vitamin brands in the DSN Group, as we have exclusive terms from the manufacturer for price and shipping times. Half of the cargo is sold by pre-order, but large volumes allow us to keep almost all items in stock. Download the price list on our website and place an order today!

What categories does Solgar offer?

  • For bone and joint support
  • Maintaining the immune system
  • Better sleep
  • Against stress
  • To maintain healthy heart, eyes, brain
  • Specialized vitamins
  • For men's and women's health
  • Vitamins and minerals