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SFD Nutrition

SFD Nutrition is a huge Polish manufacturer of sports nutrition and dietary supplements with a long history and several thousand items in the range. Has several subsidiary brands in the same direction, but actively produces quality supplements like SFD Nutrition.

As one of the largest manufacturers in Poland, SFD offers sports supplements of excellent quality, because the ingredients are tested and certified at all stages of production, as well as in independent laboratories.

The SFD assortment includes both affordable budget options and premium supplements with the addition of unique ingredients.

There are 3 main product categories:

  • Supplements for men. This includes supplements for gaining muscle mass, increasing strength and endurance, and means to accelerate regeneration.
  • Supplements for women. This category includes fat burners, protein supplements, vitamins, minerals, and health products in general.
  • Adaptogens are natural extracts of adaptogenic plants that have a beneficial effect on the body and help the body adapt and overcome stress and environmental damage.
  • DSN Group is the official distributor of SFD and offers its wholesale customers all the manufacturer's positions at exclusive prices and consistent shipment. Download the price list and check out the best conditions.