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Muscle Tech

The American brand Muscletech positions itself as one of the leading sports nutrition manufacturers in the world. New technologies and modern developments in production and recipes allow you to be head and shoulders above your competitors and sell your lines in huge quantities all over the world.

At a time when other brands in the US market were investing millions in marketing, Muscletech was involved in product development that led to its success.

Top Product Line

  • Performance Series: This is a collection of ten products, each with its own function. This includes a pre-workout formula, recovery, protein, and more.
  • Concentrated Series: A premium line of pre-workout formulas that not only energize, but also increase strength and endurance.
  • 100% Ultra-Premium Series: nine products including amino acids, vitamins, CLA, carnitine and BCAAs.
  • There are other worthy series, go to the DSN Group directory and check out. Muscletech is the sports nutrition you've been looking for!