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ActivLab Pharma

Pharmaceutical product line from ActivLab Pharma

ActivLab Pharma is a Polish manufacturer of high quality specialized pharmaceutical supplements for various medical purposes. For more than 10 years the company has been selling its products in wholesale and retail networks not only in Poland, but throughout Europe, and every year the product lines and sales markets are only expanding and gaining great popularity as a reliable brand with affordable prices.

What does the ActivLab Pharma brand offer?

  • Complexes of vitamins and minerals
  • Natural Nootropics
  • Adaptogens
  • Melatonin
  • Each of the manufacturer's products undergo full laboratory testing and their action is clinically proven by many doctors. The company cares about people's health and offers comprehensive solutions for its focus on strengthening it.

    DSN Group is a partner of the ActivLab Pharma brand and offers its wholesale customers a full range of brand assortment at low prices with fast delivery in Europe and smart logistics around the world. Only offer the best products to your customers.