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The prices indicated in the price list - EX Work from the Poland warehouse! The minimum order amount is € 5,000!
The offer is valid within the current month.
Download the price list, fill it out and send it to us by e-mail - or use the mail of your personal manager.

If you have any questions, call us: +13-322-093-910 USA+48-459-568-603 Poland, +48-600-075-480 WhatsApp

Elev Global believes that a healthy life and good quality nutrition should be the right of every person out there. However, as soon as the words like Health, Fitness, Life, Wellness etc come into play, a lot of companies all over the world try to capitalize on the fears of people.

That’s where the brand Elev Global wants to step in and bring a change to this practice. With their developments towards making the best quality nutrition reasonably affordable for people all over the world, they are daily progressing towards the ultimate goal of making premium quality nutrition, sustainable for people in the long run. And by that, the manufacturers don’t just mean nutrition for athletes or sports enthusiasts, but nutrition for all and sundry. Their baby steps just now are like small drops in the ocean, but with your support and love,  goals will be reached soon. As it was said,

everyone should have the right to a better life and to better quality nutrition.

The range of products is the perfect solution for everyone, who is looking to get their money's worth. With lip-smacking flavours, and the best raw material used, the products are bound to make you crave for more.

Manufacturers use their expertise to produce a wide range of top-quality items. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, be it in terms of quality or taste, or results.  It`s achieved this right from the basics with a strong raw material strategy that relies on purchasing raw materials from only the best sources all over the world. They are committed to producing quality products at sustainable prices. To keep it short and simple for any of our products, they can only ask you to: "TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT"

What are the top positions in his lines?

  • Protein
  • Gainers
  • Amino acids
  • Pre-workout
  • Fat burners 
  • Testosterones
  • Vitamins
  • Wellness-items

This is only a part of the manufacturer's assortment, you can see the full picture by downloading the price list from DSN Group with exclusive prices from Elev with its own logistics and marketing solutions.
DSN Group offers direct wholesale deliveries from Elev at low prices and fast delivery. You can download the price list with all products and current availability in the upper right corner of the page.

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