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Our solutions


If you have an active b2b or b2c business in the field of sports nutrition and supplements and you facing problems like:

  • Expensive prices
  • Stock shortage or out-of-stock for products.
  • Short shelf life of products
  • Hard communication with your suppliers
  • not receiving marketing support
  • delivery issues

If these problems are familiar to you, then we have a solution.

Solutions and benefits

About prices . Our purchasing volumes allow us to get the best terms of cooperation from brands, because of this we can guarantee the best prices for you as well as original products with all certificates.

Regarding stock. Our model of work is not to stock products in our warehouse but bring the products from the manufacturer directly to you. It will give you the advantage of choosing from the whole assortment that the manufacturer has and also receiving the most favorable and competitive price on the market.

Fresh expiration dates. Due to the fact that the product is not in our warehouse, but in the factory, you will receive the freshest expiration date of the product. In this way, we minimize the risks for you.

Contact with usWe are always in touch! Our managers are also available after working hours to simplify communication with us and resolve all issues related to cooperation. You will 100% receive a response to your request within 24 hours. But usually, it is faster. Also, our account managers communicate in: English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Polish.

Brands under your request. We can find the brand according to your request even if this brand is not in our range. It will give you the opportunity to close the requests of your customers and also make money on it!

DeliverryIf you have problems with the delivery of the goods, our logistics department will help you with this and select the best delivery rates.

About brands. We have 70 brands in our assortment, including sports nutrition, vitamins, healthy food and snacks. This will give you the opportunity to find exactly the segment of brands or products that will work best for your business! If you do not know which brand or products to choose, our experts will help you with this.

Marketing support. We are interested in your success, so we add marketing stuff such as samples, shakers, t-shirts, etc. to every order. Our marketing department actively cooperates with brand ambassadors who can make a video recommendation of your company, which will help to launch the brand on the market faster and increase your sales. Also, our marketers will help you draw up a marketing strategy for brand promotion.

And last but not least. More than 40 company employees (managers, accountants, marketers, website administrators, warehouse workers, logistics) are working to make communication with you, processing and delivery of your order as comfortable as possible.

Our main goal is to simplify business processes for you and help your business develop.
If our solutions will help you to solve one or more of your problems, then contact us right now and we will help to raise your business to a new level.
And welcome to the DSN GROUP family.

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