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Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition is a fairly old and respected US sports nutrition manufacturer. It is one of the largest manufacturers in the world, annually replenishing its range with new products. The brand, according to the classic lines, has proteins, creatine, amino acids, gainers, as well as products that have no analogues in the world, such as Animal Pak. It has been popular for almost 20 years now and has received millions of positive reviews. Since then, Universal Nutrition has been striving to continually innovate to improve the quality of training, building on scientific progress and new developments in the field of sports nutrition.

What are the most popular positions?

  • Animal Cuts
  • Storm - Universal Nutrition
  • Animal M-Stak
  • Animal Pak
  • Animal Test

    It's a fact that Universal Nutrition creates sports supplements that work. But the highlight of the brand is the company's own developments. Sports nutrition staples such as protein and creatine are also quite high quality, but they are not world leaders.

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