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Muscle Care

An excellent manufacturer of sports nutrition from Poland, Muscle Care positions itself as a brand for everyone, regardless of the level of training of an athlete, and even for people who do not play sports, but care about their health. For such people, the brand's assortment includes omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin supplements with zinc and sulfur, calcium magnesium with vitamin B6 and much more.

The Muscle Care brand belongs to the budget segment of the market, but with a good price-quality ratio. This explains the popularity of their BCAA amino acids, protein and health supplements. Soon, the product line will be supplemented with natural extracts for people adhering to a certain diet. The Polish brand mostly invests in the quality of products, controlling all processes from the selection of ingredients to obtaining the finished supplement, and not in marketing and packaging.

The manufacturer Muscle Care sells its products to all countries of Europe and the CIS with a large turnover, since the price segment of the brand is suitable for the mass market, regardless of the consumer's wealth - everything is very affordable.