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A high-tech brand of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements from Canada - Allmax produces product lines for the general use of all age groups of people. Here we can see not only classic sports nutrition kits, but also, for example, omega 3 fatty acids.

Each product is thoroughly tested before being sent to the end consumer. By using only quality ingredients, the Allmax brand wants to be completely confident in the effectiveness of its products.

What else does the Allmax brand offer?

  • Amino acid complexes
  • Proteins
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Carbohydrate Gainers
  • Pre-workout complexes
  • Slimming products
  • DSN Group offers direct wholesale deliveries from the Allmax manufacturer at low prices and fast delivery. You can download the price list with all products and current availability in the upper right corner of the page.