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The UK brand Myprotein managed to achieve worldwide recognition in a short time, thanks to the innovative developments of specialists. Also, a special contribution was made by the company's marketers, who ensured the work of the enterprise on the websites of Spain, Italy, Ireland, France and Germany. Today, Myprotein sports nutrition is shipped to fifty destinations around the world. You can order fast delivery of original products from the supplier DSN Group.

Myprotein Protein - guarantee of affordable price and the highest quality of sports nutrition

Despite the fact that the company is the youngest in the European market, it is dynamically developing, offering consumers products with a safety certificate of class A. 

Since its founding in 2004, the British company Myprotein has gone through a difficult path of development. Bursting into the sports nutrition industry as a daring newcomer, the manufacturer managed to become a market leader through an innovative approach to the manufacture of pre-workout supplements, gainers, vitamins and minerals, as well as (not surprisingly) proteins. Myprotein today is one of the most popular and dynamically developing brands, in demand among both amateur and professional athletes in various disciplines.

Firstly, the company is of the opinion that products for athletes should be made with the highest quality ingredients, while the cost of supplements should remain affordable for everyone, be it a young aspiring bodybuilder or a professional, experienced, seasoned bodybuilder.

Secondly, before getting on the shelves of specialized stores and gyms, all products undergo comprehensive testing in independent laboratories and "field conditions". And receives the most flattering reviews from experts and consumers.

The British brand Myprotein is constantly engaged in the introduction of new developments. It has a modern largest technical production base and research laboratory. Often the company introduces a new product to the range, which previously undergoes thorough performance tests. 

Myprotein BCAA is a high-quality product, which is confirmed by the international certificate ISO9001. If the slightest non-compliance with the established requirements of the safety of the product happens, this certificate is taken away and not reissued. 

The British brand was the first to package proteins in plastic bags. Today Myprotein products are actively used not only by experienced athletes but also by beginners in sports. The constantly increasing quality of products and relatively low prices indicate the promising development of the British brand now and in the future. The company systematically analyzes the market and tests products, thereby making their range better.  

From formula to production

According to marketers, the main ideology of the manufacturer is the creation of ideal Myprotein supplements, the price of which will be available to everyone, and products giving athletes maximum results. Constant research with the purpose of improving the effectiveness of products allows the company to find the best compositions and formulas. 

Using certified raw materials in production and proven suppliers guarantees the safety and best quality of products. High-tech production, verified by European standards, ensures a constant increase in turnover and a decrease in the cost of Myprotein products, which can be bought from us. 

Important is that such a price reduction does not reduce the effectiveness of supplements. The popularity of amino acids, proteins, gainers, etc. from this brand is increasing with each day. 

DSN Group is a wholesale supplier of Myprotein

Our company is an official distributor of the Myprotein brand in Ukraine and Europe. 

From our side, we guarantee:

  • constant availability of products in stock;
  • favorable conditions for wholesale purchase;
  • regular Myprotein goods deliveries to our warehouse;
  • prompt delivery around the world;
  • availability of special conditions, bonuses and discounts for partners.

You can download the current Myprotein price list and find the products that will suit your business the best. For more information, contact our sales team in any convenient way for you: e-mail, messengers, or by phone. DSN Group is a reliable and responsible intermediary between the brand and the consumer. 

Frequently Asked Questions about cooperation with a wholesale distributor of sports nutrition Myprotein:

Yes, MyProtein ensures high quality for its products and provides quality certificates for many of them. They adhere to strict manufacturing standards and quality control to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

MyProtein is one of the leading brands in the sports nutrition market. They offer a wide range of high-quality products that help achieve sports goals, whether it's increasing muscle mass, boosting energy levels, or supporting post-workout recovery.

MyProtein offers a wide range of sports nutrition products to meet the needs of your target audience.

Yes, MyProtein accepts returns or exchanges of products that do not meet your needs. For detailed information about the return or exchange process, please contact our customer service department.

Buying sports nutrition in bulk allows you to get significant discounts and save money on a large quantity of products. You can get more product for less money, which is beneficial for sports clubs, trainers, and other sports organizations.

Yes. We can provide discount according to the quantity of the order. Please contact our sales team or visit our wholesale page for more information.

MyProtein offers discounts based on the volume of your sports nutrition order. The larger the order volume, the greater the discount you can receive. Please contact our sales department or refer to our wholesale offers page for more detailed information.

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