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Have you checked out the new updated range from Salvum Labs yet?

Have you checked out the new updated range from Salvum Labs yet?

14 January, 2021

Hi, we have updated the assortment for the Salvum Labs brand.
You can check it right now.

We have also highlighted the TOP3 position for you from the latest entries.


Calcynovit 1250 + D3 is a preparation supplementing the daily diet with calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D3. It is recommended for people whose diet should be rich in calcium, 

                                                                    •  The elderly with limited physical activity;
                                                                    •  Children and adolescents in the period of intensive growth;
                                                                    •  People following an inappropriate diet, consuming large amounts of coffee, smoking

Revenal - 60 tab

REVENAL dietary supplement is a modern preparation intended for people who care about the appearance and health of their hair and nails.

REVENAL contains as many as 20 active ingredients carefully selected in such proportions as to synergistically support the condition of your hair and nails. One of the most important ingredients is Biotin, which helps maintain healthy hair and scalp (one tablet of Revenal contains as much as 300 µg of Biotin).

Additionally, Revenal contains an exceptionally high amount of sulfur amino acids (as much as 100 mg DL-methionine and 50 mg L-cystine in one tablet!), Which support the growth of hair and nails by stimulating the correct synthesis of keratin, the basic protein component of hair and nails.

SALDIFLEX is a preparation specially developed for people who want to comprehensively take care of the condition of their joints. SALDIFLEX contains a set of as many as 7 active ingredients.

SALDIFLEX is especially recommended:

                                                                    •  The elderly;
                                                                    •  Overweight people;
                                                                    •  Women in the menopausal period;
                                                                    •  All adults who want to keep their joints fit;
                                                                    •  People who are physically active, actively practicing sports, who may be at risk of joint overload.

14 January, 2021
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