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Cloma Pharma

Initially, Cloma Pharma did not have a colorful branding and a strong marketing team, but the results of using its products were simply amazing. Fat burners were so effective that at the moment they fell in love with athletes and began to sell themselves without loud promises and advertising moves. And all thanks to the special structure of the products.

Since ephedrine in its pure form was banned in many countries for objective reasons of strong side effects, the composition of the drugs was changed in Cloma Pharma. Although the composition was well balanced, they made a new product - a fat burner with methyl adrenaline. As before, the brand's product line is very popular with all athletes.

The manufacturer purchases natural active ingredients for the production of products from proven suppliers for years. These products are licensed under US license. Using proprietary recipes and supplement formulas, ECA-based formulas have reached a level where competitors cannot match Cloma Pharma.

It is important to understand that sports supplements are created not only for professionals with many years of training experience and they are not always with a powerful effect like Black Spider, even a beginner, in accordance with his goal, will be able to choose suitable options without burdening an untrained body.