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NOW Foods

As a family company since 1968 - Now Foods produces high quality natural supplements at prices that everyone likes. The company is a respected leader in the natural products industry, and its mission is to provide value to products and services that enable people to lead healthier lives.

The priority in NOW is to provide products as close as possible to nature, without impurities, tested for pesticides and heavy metals and minimally processed. This means that, if possible, you should use environmentally friendly and GMO-free ingredients of the highest quality.

Finding pure ingredients is not easy. The NOW team has spent more than 50 years perfecting our patented processes to offer consumers the best ingredients. Qualifying all ingredient suppliers and conducting independent inspections to make sure all ingredients are perfect and meet NOW quality standards.

From the first days of its existence, NOW has paved the way for industry-leading standards for the production of food additives and natural products. We control the production process from start to finish, ensuring that every step on the way to the product meets our strict quality and safety standards.

NOW goes far beyond the established minimums to ensure the cleanliness of our premises and equipment, as well as to promote environmental sustainability.

NOW's desire to test raw materials through finished products distinguishes us from many other manufacturers. We have our own labs, tools and staff that allow us to analyze faster, be more adaptable and provide fresher products at a lower cost to our customers.

When it comes to guaranteeing the quality of more than 1,400 pure natural products, testing and scientific analysis are important. Not all companies, if any, have the equipment, devices and staff to test their ingredients and finished products on site, as they do NOW. About 16,000 tests are performed every month, and all of them are performed at our own facilities using advanced devices.