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Scitec Nutrition

Scitec Nutrition is a large American manufacturer of sports nutrition, one of the world leaders in the production of premium whey protein. Sales volumes: 120 million servings are sold annually, and this number is only growing due to the huge number of different flavors, cool designs and 100% quality ingredients. The Scitec Nutrition brand also has production facilities in Europe, so for certification it is necessary to comply with not only American quality standards, but also European ones.

The range of the brand is not limited only to protein, there are other excellent product lines, including:

  • Green Series - a line for health and longevity, includes vegetable protein, extracts of vegetables and fruits, plants and live plant cultures.
  • Pro Line is a professional line for athletes for intensive training.
  • Wod Crusher is a line of functional training including crossfit and martial arts, optimal formulas for performance and recovery.
  • Head Crusher is a line specifically designed for martial arts training, optimal product formulas for enhanced training and recovery.
  • In total, the Scitec Nutrition brand has about 700 items with different flavors and formulas. The brand partners with many professional athletes, including Cedric McMillan and Brandon Curry.

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