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Mini Bands Set - 4 Levels
Mini Bands Set - 4 Levels
Product Code: 100-97-3281914-29 Thunder

Mini Bands Set - 4 Levels

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Set of 4 elastics for fitness and stretching exercises - Mini Bands Loop Set

Mini Bands rubbers are used in various types of exercises. Thanks to their versatility and high efficiency, they are used by athletes in various disciplines, ranging from athletics to team games, including football.

Working with rubbers is a form of training that is increasingly used in fitness clubs. The small size combined with their versatility make it also an ideal device for home use. 

The gum set has four levels of resistance

Thanks to various gum resistances, everyone can adapt the training to their capabilities. The combination of all Thunder gums will allow you to perform a variety of exercises with easy adjustment of the difficulty level.