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Iso Whey - 500g Maslo nut banan
Iso Whey - 500g Maslo nut banan
Product Code: 100-50-3244746-20 UNS

Iso Whey - 500g Maslo nut banan

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UNS ISO WHEY protein is a high-quality protein supplement. It is a protein for both women and men. 

ISO WHEY conditioner is a phenomenal mixture of high-quality concentrate with a whey protein isolate. The offered conditioner comes in a dozen or so flavors. The high protein content makes the product very popular both in people who are physically active on an amateur and professional level. 

In the opinion of many users of UNS ISO WHEY is one of the best protein supplements available on the market. Protein is distinguished from others by its high protein content and low sugar content . 

The mentioned low sugar content did not in any way affect the brilliant taste of the product. Thanks to this, Iso Whey can be used both during the period of building lean muscle mass and during the reduction of body fat. It is also perfect as an addition to any type of diet.

In addition, it is worth noting that ISO WHEY from Uns Supplements dissolves very easily. After mixing, no lumps remain, which is very common in similar lower-quality products.