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TOP 10 Home Gym Equipment! Now Available!

We know that with this quarantine situation when all Gyms and Stores are closed, people are training at home. We received a lot of appeals form our b2b clients that have big e-stores that people are asking about products for home training like resistance tubes,power bands,small dumbbells, ankle weights for training, TRX systems, jump ropes and other. Now all of these sports equipment are available on our website! We added only high quality and premium brands, to make you sure that your customers home training will be maximum effective. Also we can provide documents that the products are 100% original and were made with safe materials. Here is the list of top 10 home exercise equipment for small spaces. Perfect for anyone living in an apartment or working out in your living room at home! 

1. Booty Bands/Mini Resistance Band Loops
Great for: muscle toning, pilates, butt & thigh

2. Resistance Bands
Great for: stretching, muscle toning

3. Yoga Mat
Great for: stretching, muscle toning, yoga, pilates

4. Mini Inflatable Exercise Ball
Great for: pilates, abs

5. Ankle Weights
Great for: muscle toning, pilates

6. Light Dumbbells
Great for: muscle toning, yoga, pilates, kickboxing

7. Mini Foam Roller
Great for: stretching, toning, yoga, pilates

8. Jumping Rope
Great for: cardio, toning

9. Circle Ror The Pilates
Great for: stretching, muscle toning, yoga, pilates

10. TRX System
Great for: stretching, muscle toning