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Hydra RAZAN - 700g Gourmet Chocolate
Hydra RAZAN - 700g Gourmet Chocolate
Product Code: 100-35-9463989-20 Yamamoto Nutrition

Hydra RAZAN - 700g Gourmet Chocolate

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Yamamoto® Nutrition presents Hydro RAZAN®. new raw material to obtain a protein with the highest biological value.

Hydro RAZAN® is made exclusively by the new, hydrolyzed isolated by enzymatic reaction (WHI) Carbery® Optipep® 90 DH 4 protein. The use of this new and unique protein has allowed Yamamoto® Nutrition to produce a product with unique and unrepeatable features.

Hydro RAZAN® is made exclusively by Optipep® 90 DH 4, one of the most complete and qualitative protein sources available on the market today. Hydrolysis is a process of separating proteins into simpler molecular structures, peptides, consisting of small amino acid chains, highly digestible and bioavailable within a short period of time.

In addition the product contains lactase and bromelain digestive enzymes. Finally, the product is supplemented by probiotic microorganisms that favours the balance of intestinal flora.
700 gramsChocolate
Nutrition information
Daily dose: 30 g
Servings per container: 23
 Per daily dose (30 g)Per 100 g
Energy425 kJ / 100 kcal1446 kJ / 341 kcal
saturated fatty acids
0.5 g
0.2 g
1.7 g
0.7 g
0.4 g
0.3 g
1.4 g
1 g
Fibre0.4 g1.3 g
Protein23 g78 g
Salt0.12 g0.40 g
Vitamin B60.42 mg (30% RI*)1.4 mg
Amino acid profile per 100 g
Alanine4 g
Arginine1.47 g
Aspartic acid8.1 g
Cysteine1.79 g
Glutamic acid13.77 g
Glycine1.18 g
Histidine1.17 g
isoleucine5.5 g
Leucine7.5 g
Lysine7.38 g
Methionine1.63 g
Phenylalanine2.15 g
Proline4.58 g
Serina3.79 g
threonine5.38 g
Tryptophan1.22 g
Tyrosine2.04 g
Valine5.04 g
*RI: reference intake

Ingredients: hydrolyzed whey (milk) protein isolate (Carbery Optipep® 90 DH4 instant) (contains emulsifier: soy lecithin), low-fat cocoa powder, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose; lactase 100.000 FCC ALU/g (30 mg/daily dose), bromelain 2500 GDU/g (30 mg/daily dose), papaya (Carica papaya L.) fruit dry extract (30 mg/daily dose), lactic acid bacteria mix (contains milk) [B. coagulans IS-2 (10 9 live cells/daily dose), L. acidophilus UALa-01 TM (0,3 x 10 9 live cells/daily dose), L. rhamnosus LR1 (0,3 x 10 9 live cells/daily dose), B. breve SGB01 (0,1 x 10 9 live cells/daily dose), B. animalis subsp. lactis SGB06 (0,1 x 10 9 live cells/daily dose), L. paracasei SGL04 (0,1 x 10 9 live cells/daily dose)], pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6).

Directions: add 3 scoops (30 g) in 250 ml of water and take once a day.