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Hiro BLEND - 700g Gourmet Choco
Hiro BLEND - 700g Gourmet Choco
Product Code: 100-17-5973251-20 Yamamoto Nutrition

Hiro BLEND - 700g Gourmet Choco

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Yamamoto® Nutrition Hiro BLEND® is a dietary supplement with proteins from different sources that have different release rates.

It contains only high-quality proteins such as whey protein isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration, whey protein concentrate, egg protein, calcium caseinate and micellar casein.

Hiro BLEND® contains neither low biological-value protein sources, such as vegetable proteins, which can alter the quality of the product, nor maltodextrin, an ingredient often found in protein blends.

The qualitative contribution of the different protein fractions in Hiro BLEND® make ita highly technical product suitable for different times of the day.
Whey protein, egg protein, and casein make Hiro BLEND® a structurally advanced and specific product for those seeking the best without compromise.

Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

The product is supplemented with vitamin B6, which contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen and to overall normal metabolism.