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Guarana - 90caps
Guarana - 90caps
Product Code: 100-68-9326124-20 UNS

Guarana - 90caps

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The GUARANA product is a supplement in the form of capsules, which allows you to easily supplement your daily diet with concentrated guarana seed extract ( Paullinia cupana ).

UNS SUPPLEMENTS has prepared a preparation that is a real alternative for people who avoid coffee. Guarana seeds , like cocoa beans, are a source of caffeine, which is one of the most-chosen ingredients that stimulate the work of the nervous system . On the other hand, the convenient form of handy capsules allows you to use the product in virtually any situation - at work, travel, during classes or just before the planned training.

A single portion of the product contains as much as 900 mg of guarana extract, which is standardized to 22% caffeine content ( 198 mg ). This amount is optimal to obtain the appropriate stimulation, which translates, among others, into to increase psychophysical endurance , improve concentration or reduce fatigue . Guarana and the caffeine contained in it will work well for both amateur and experienced sports players, as well as for people who require many hours of concentration (e.g. programmers, students, corporate employees).

Caffeine in the guarana extract will prove to be a valuable support during weight loss. The above-mentioned stimulation of the nervous system increases the energy to be used during training. The body works more intensively and more effectively , which allows for greater effectiveness in modeling a slim figure. In addition, guarana helps to reduce post-workout fatigue and supports the well-being .

Reach for GUARAN and develop your hidden potential!

What is the difference between guarana and coffee?
It is assumed that guarana seeds contain up to four times more caffeine than cocoa beans. Moreover, the stimulating properties of guarana are more balanced and spread over time. 

Can GUARANA help reduce body fat?
Caffeine contained in the product has ergogenic properties - it stimulates heat production - which turns out to be helpful in increasing the effect of "burning" excess fat. In addition, guarana can help curb excessive appetite and help to increase the metabolic rate. 

Can people who do not exercise reach for this supplement?
People engaged in many hours of mental effort or working long at the computer can choose GUARANA. You can think of it as a handy alternative to coffee.

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (2 capsules)

Guarana extract

900 mg

including caffeine 22%

198 mg


Guarana fruit extract (Paullinia cupana),

 anti-caking agents:

magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

The ingredients of the shell

Gelatin, color: titanium dioxide

Number of servings