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Guarana - 90 tab
Guarana - 90 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Guarana - 90 tab

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Guarana Muscle Care  is a supplement designed to improve concentration and focus. The supplement tablet contains as much as 200 mg of pure caffeine, which allows you to stimulate the whole body to function, and at the same time helps to improve physical fitness, and acts as a thermogenic - supporting fat burning.

Guarana Muscle Care is  based on guarana extract, which contains an extremely high level of caffeine in its seeds. It is caffeine that makes guarana a valuable component of the diet - guarana seeds contain up to twice as much caffeine as coffee beans!

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that can improve endurance during intense workouts, and thus supports training effects.

slow release of caffeine allows you to gain better concentration and focus for a longer time, which translates into greater endurance and energy to act
the content of numerous flavonoids and other non-caffeine compounds in guarana supports cognitive performance, reduces mental fatigue and has a positive effect on the mood
Guarana is a safe ingredient to use, but it should be remembered that it is stimulating and, in excess, it can cause sleep problems and excessive stimulation. It is worth being careful with the use of the supplement in the afternoon and at bedtime.

The use of  Guarana Muscle Care  helps to increase strength and performance *, and in combination with creatine supplementation, training additives and good-quality proteins, it can bring tangible training results.

* Effects depend on individual predispositions

Guarana Muscle Care  is a supplement designed for professional athletes, as well as for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle who want to enjoy the maximum training effects, gaining solid stimulation, concentration and energy to act.