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Green Tea - 90 tab
Green Tea - 90 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Green Tea - 90 tab

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Do you want to naturally support fat burning processes?

The highest-quality extract of green tea leaves in tablets by Muscle Care is the best way to lose weight in harmony with nature! *

Green tea has been appreciated by people trying to achieve a perfect figure for years. The great advantage of the Muscle Care green tea leaf supplement is the use of the highest quality, rich in catechins, polyphenols and EGCG extract in a dose perfectly suited to your needs!

Why is it worth using green tea in the form of supplements?
Green tea has many properties that are valuable to health, and in the form of a concentrated supplement it works even faster and more effectively! Thanks to the content of natural antioxidants, green tea extract, in addition to strong slimming properties, also has a detoxifying effect, thanks to which you will effectively get rid of harmful toxins from your body.

Muscle Care green tea extract was obtained from carefully selected leaves, thanks to which it allows you to quickly reduce body fat, improves the body's energy processes and guarantees the acceleration of metabolism, which has a positive effect on the effects of weight loss. In addition, the 100% natural composition is your guarantee of safety when using the preparation and the absence of any side effects of the treatment. *

Muscle Care green tea leaf extract consists of only the highest quality ingredients in a concentrated form of tablets created especially for professional athletes and amateurs of physical effort.

By supplementing with Muscle Care, you will gain *:

Comfort and convenience of use;
Fast fat burning effect;
Improvement of digestive processes;
Fast and effective metabolism;
If you do not have time to prepare another cup of green tea or you do not like the taste of this healthy drink, the Muscle Care green tea leaf extract will allow you to comfortably and without sacrifice benefit from its pro-health properties! *

Check and see that nothing influences fat metabolism as effectively as green tea, considered a panacea for many ailments! By using it in the form of tablets, you can enjoy a more effective effect thanks to the concentrated dose of active ingredients!

Bet on quality and choose a proven way to accelerate the effects of weight loss. In addition, by using green tea leaves tablets, you will improve your memory and concentration, and also help to slow down the aging processes of the body and support its functioning, gaining a better physical condition and protection against toxins and free oxygen radicals causing many serious diseases! *

Check out the offer of other Muscle Care supplements and create your own set that will allow you to achieve your goals not only during daily training!


Muscle Care green tea leaf extract is recommended for use in order to improve the natural metabolism and fat burning processes not only in physically active people. The supplement perfectly enriches the daily diet with strong antioxidants and guarantees the improvement of the body's natural detoxification processes. *

* Effects depend on individual predispositions.

Active ingredient

1 tablet / 1 tabletka

Green tea extract standardized is: / green tea extract standardized to:
40% polyphenols / 40% polyphenols
20% catechins / 20% catechins
7% EGCG / 7% EGCG

1000 mg

Ingredients:   green tea extract standardized to: 40% polyphenols, 20% catechins, 7% EGCG, bulking agent - cellulose, rice starch, anti-caking agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

[EN]: Green tea extract standardized to: 40% polyphenols, 20% catechins, 7% EGCG, bulking agent – cellulose, rice starch, anticaking agents – magnesium salts of fatty acids, sillicon dioxide.

Usage:  Consume 1 tablet daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. NOTES: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the preparation. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements should be stored out of reach of small children. The product is intended for adults and healthy people. The product is not intended for children, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Best before and batch number:  see packaging.

Package contents:  90 tablets. Net weight: 126 g.

Storage:  Store in a dry and cool place, protected from light.