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Glutamine - 600g Pear
Glutamine - 600g Pear
Product Code: 100-97-5319104-20 UNS

Glutamine - 600g Pear

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GLUTAMINE is a dietary supplement in the form of a powder, designed to maintain an appropriate glutamine content in the body and to help maintain a varied diet.

The term L-glutamine is defined as an endogenous amino acid that accounts for nearly 65% of the total pool of amino acids in human muscle tissue. In addition, it belongs to the group of 20 amino acids that make up proteins, which are the fundamental macronutrient of the daily diet. While L-glutamine is naturally produced by the body, this amount is actually insufficient to achieve the desired anabolic effect. Therefore, the company UNS Supplements has prepared a product that in the form of a tasty and refreshing drink allows you to provide the body with as much as 9.4 g of pure L-glutamine in a single serving .

Systematic and long-term supplementation with glutamine may be beneficial for maintaining the proper nitrogen content and supporting its proper transport . Thanks to the easier storage, muscles gain an optimal environment for work and development - glutamine may turn out to be an ingredient that increases the protection of muscle tissue against the breakdown processes that may occur, e.g. intense and exhausting physical effort, insufficient regeneration or a large energy deficit during weight loss.

L-glutamine is also an ingredient that affects many other areas of the human body. Some specialists attribute it a real contribution to maintaining proper immunity , others indicate a positive effect in the context of maintaining the optimal condition and functioning of the digestive tract (intestines) . It is often recommended to use glutamine as an addition to other amino acids (e.g. BCAA or EAA), fat burners or protein supplements.

Choose GLUTAMINE and see the benefits of amino acids!

Is it worth using this product immediately after training?
Glutamine supplementation immediately after exercise may turn out to be an effective way to reduce post-workout catabolism and ensure optimal nitrogen transport for the muscles.

Will glutamine be used in sports other than bodybuilding?
Virtually any type of exercise can benefit from the positive effects of glutamine.

Can this supplement be used while building mass?
There are no contraindications for GLUTAMINE as an element of supplementation aimed at increasing the effectiveness of work on a muscular figure. Glutamine, as one of the components that contribute to muscle tissue, should be helpful in achieving the desired goal.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (10 g)

L- glutamine

9.4 g


L-glutamine, acidity regulator:

citric acid, flavor, sweetener: sucralose.

Number of servings