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GLUCOSAMINE - is a dietary supplement in tablets. Contains a serving of glucosamine sulfate. It is dedicated to people who are physically active, exposed to stress overload, injuries of movement organs and joints.

- 3000 mg of glucosamine sulfate per serving,
- high bioavailability and bioavailability,
- helps to reduce friction, makes it more flexible and gives elasticity within the interarticular space.

Glucosamine is a substance belonging to the so-called of amino sugars, which is abundant in the articular cartilage matrix and is a natural component of the so-called synovial fluid. It is a compound necessary to maintain the correct structure and elasticity of the cartilage, which increases its resistance to overload. It facilitates the incorporation of sulfur atoms into the cartilage structure and retains water in connective tissues. Glucosamine contributes to the maintenance of the proper condition of the joints by activating chondrocytes - cells of cartilage tissue.

Physically active people, as well as convalescents after injuries, may have an increased demand for this ingredient, hence glucosamine sulphate supplementation is recommended both in the prevention of locomotor injuries and as an adjunct during the rehabilitation period.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (3 tablets)

Glucosamine sulfate

3000 mg


Glucosamine sulfate, bulking agent:

 cellulose, starch, anti-caking agents:

 magnesium salts of fatty acids,

calcium phosphates, silicon dioxide.