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Glu V5 - 400g
Glu V5 - 400g
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care
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Glu-V5 is the purest form of L-glutamine powder with no flavor additives. This amino acid protects muscles against excessive damage during long-term training sessions and significantly shortens the process of their regeneration immediately after training. When used regularly, glutamine maintains an athlete's body in an anabolic state.

What will you gain by using Glu-V5 *:
- strong anabolic and catabolic effects 
- strengthening endurance during training 
- fighting fatigue
- maintaining the correct level of amino acids in the body

Glu v5 Muscle Care  is a supplement intended for every athlete, both professionally and amateurishly involved in various sports. In addition to the highest-quality L-glutamine, the preparation also provides the body with taurine, which allows you to gain "bullish strength" and, just like L-glutamine, has a number of important functions in the body. Glu v5 is a powder ready to be dissolved in water, which makes it much easier to use.

Why is it worth supplementing the daily diet with L-glutamine and taurine supplementation?
Both amino acids belong to the group of endogenous amino acids (DAA) and are especially important for the body of every athlete and people who choose an active lifestyle. Both L-glutamine and taurine deficiencies often inhibit the progress of training and prevent the harmonious development of the figure.

L-glutamine  corresponds to i.a. for the proper course of protein synthesis, it regulates the nitrogen balance of the body, and also has a strong anti-catabolic effect, which effectively reduces the processes of muscle breakdown and accelerates the production of glycogen lost during exercise, and inhibits the secretion of lactic acid, which causes muscle degradation.

Using L-glutamine gain the source of stored energy, because this amino acid has a remarkable ability to convert to form glucose, which is the primary fuel driving the human body
In addition, glutamine is involved in all processes related to the synthesis and resynthesis of amino acids, reducing fatigue, and effectively affects to increase endurance, thanks to which it is possible to achieve even better training effects.
Taurine plays an equally important role in the body of every human being, not only athletes. This amino acid supports, among others absorption processes of fat-soluble vitamins, it is necessary for the production of essential amino acids for health, and also ensures the stabilization of cell membranes and reduces blood pressure.
Taurine it also affects our physical performance, is the main transporter of creatine and ensures better use of this compound by the body, while supporting the regeneration processes after heavy exercise.
In the case of athletes and amateurs of active lifestyle, the body's demand for glutamine and taurine increases rapidly, which is why supplementation of these amino acids is the only way to ensure their proper supply, which determines the proper functioning of the body exposed to extreme effort.

The numerous benefits of L-glutamine and taurine are not only a guarantee of faster muscle growth, but also their protection against harmful catabolism. By using L-glutamine, you will maximally accelerate the pace of post-workout regeneration processes, you will notice an effective increase in muscle mass, and, which is especially important for men, you will feel the additional effects of supplementation in the form of a surprisingly rapid increase in potency!

* Effects depend on individual predispositions.