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The GABA & Melatonin supplement is handy and convenient to use capsules that allow you to quickly enrich your daily diet with optimally defined portions of active ingredients with a valuable impact on the functioning of the nervous system.

The DR2 brand preparation has been prepared primarily for people who have problems with sleep or falling asleep, which is usually the result of excessive stimulation or ineffective regeneration after a busy day. Thanks to carefully selected proportions, the product provides ideal support for people who exercise recreationally, professional sports players and all lovers of healthy and varied nutrition.

GABA is the short name for a substance known as ɣ-aminobutyric acid, the properties of which are valuable in the context of neurotransmission mechanisms. According to specialists, maintaining the optimal level of GABA has a valuable influence on the processes of stimulus transmission between neurons (i.e. cells of the nervous system). This action helps to neutralize excessive stimulation, which may result in calming down and regaining the disturbed psychophysical balance . Often stress, exhausting physical activity or insufficient regeneration can cause problems with well-being.

Melatonin, in turn, is the basic active ingredient for maintaining an optimal circadian rhythm . Melatonin levels decline gradually with age, which over time can result in poor falling asleep and a significant deterioration in sleep quality. Regular melatonin supplementation has a valuable effect on shortening the time to fall asleep and helps to maintain the right mood . In combination with ɣ-aminobutyric acid, it can turn out to be a valuable way to improve the regeneration mechanisms after a tiring and emotional day.

The DR2 GABA & Melatonin product contains as many as 120 capsules in the package, which are enough for 60 days of effective dietary supplementation. Each serving is a high content of the necessary active substances, which does not require reaching for additional half-measures. The lack of unnecessary additives in the composition allowed the manufacturer to obtain a preparation with a high concentration of active ingredients - this is uncompromising support for your sleep!

Will GABA & Melatonin be used by an intensely training athlete?
Excessive physical activity and exhausting exercise are often associated with excessive stimulation of the nervous system or sleep disorders. The ingredients contained in the DR2 brand supplement have calming properties, which will be beneficial for people working on the condition. 

How does the supplement help reduce stress?
GABA as a neutransmitter with properties that inhibit the excessive transmission of nerve information will effectively reduce the consequences of excessive stress, such as irritability or bad mood. Melatonin, in turn, will help to regain the optimal quality of disturbed sleep. 

Can GABA & Melatonin be combined with other supplements?
Of course! The action of this preparation will be particularly helpful for plant adaptogens, e.g. ashwagandha extract

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (2 capsules)

Γ-aminobutyric acid

1500 mg


2 mg


Γ-aminobutyric acid, anti-caking agents:

 magnesium salts of fatty acids,

silicon dioxide, melatonin. Shell ingredients:

 gelatin, color: titanium dioxide.

Number of servings