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GABA - 200g Pure
GABA - 200g Pure
Product Code: 100-60-8198696-20 UNS

GABA - 200g Pure

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GABA - is a dietary supplement in a convenient form of powder, which does not contain any additional substances. 100% PURE product.

Provides 3 g of γ-aminobutyric acid in a daily dose. The product is intended for everyone who wants to supplement their diet with the above substances.
Due to the content of only pure raw material, without any flavor additives or fillers, the product has an exceptionally specific taste and smell.

- It affects the improvement of well-being and a better mood.
- Makes you relax and calm you down.
- It makes it easier to fall asleep, relieves anxiety symptoms.
- It is recommended for use in the period of increased physical exertion.

GABA is γ-aminobutyric acid, it acts as an organic chemical compound from the group of amino acids, which acts as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the entire nervous system. It affects not only building muscles, but also helps to fall asleep, relieves anxiety symptoms, relaxes and calms down. GABA affects the nervous system by increasing the excitability threshold of nerve cells and thus reducing their sensitivity to stimuli. GABA causes relaxation, calming, and - due to the increased release of endorphins - a general improvement in well-being and a better mood.