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FAT OFF - 90 tabs
FAT OFF - 90 tabs
Product Code: 100-11-0465977-20 UNS

FAT OFF - 90 tabs

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The FAT OFF dietary supplement is a multi-component fat burner in the form of small and easy-to-swallow capsules, which has been prepared on the basis of optimally selected proportions of numerous active substances.

The composition of the preparation from UNS Supplements is a precisely prepared formula of as many as 11 components , which through synergy of action provide comprehensive support during slimming and modeling a slim figure .

So what was in FAT OFF ? First of all, high-quality plant extracts that will allow you to enhance thermogenesis (increase in heat generated). This process is one of the main points of the effective burning of accumulated fat . The product extracts of ginger , black and cayenne pepper , raspberry leaves and bitter orange will provide adequate support to intensify sweating during training.

They are also natural components for increasing the metabolic rate, which will allow you to maintain the proper metabolism of nutrients . As a result, the turned up metabolism will work at high speed, and we will shape our dream figure more efficiently. The combination of these ingredients with hydroxycitric acid ( HCA ) will allow you to reduce the storage of unnecessary spare fat.

Fat burner from UNS Supplements also allows you to increase energy to perform the planned training. The combination of L-tyrosine and caffeine with cocoa seed extracts and yerba mate will provide the necessary support against increasing fatigue and may prove valuable in reducing excessive appetite. In turn, green tea leaf extract is a source of natural antioxidants that will help counteract free oxygen radicals and facilitate the removal of unnecessary metabolic products.

Say firmly NO to unnecessary fat and stay fit all year round! Choose FAT OFF and see what we call comprehensive fat burning!

Is the FAT OFF product an effective burner in the fight against stubborn adipose tissue?
The multi-component formula of the supplement allows for multi-directional effects in the body, including increasing sweating, increasing the metabolic rate, increasing heat production and adding energy. These properties are effective ways to reduce excess body fat and facilitate shaping a slim figure.

Are there any contraindications to the use of the product?
Fat burners show stimulating properties, which may be unfavorable for people with heart and circulatory system problems. In addition, the caffeine contained in the product stimulates the nervous system and therefore the product should not be used in the evening .

Is the FAT OFF burner recommended only for men? 
Nothing could be more wrong! The ingredients that make up the formula of the supplement are universally applicable, and their appropriately selected proportions ensure optimal operation equally for women and men .

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (3 capsules)


500 mg

Green tea extract

350 mg

including EGCG

175 mg

Bitter orange extract

300 mg

of which synephrine 6%

18 mg

Cayenne pepper extract

250 mg

of which capsaicin 10%

25 mg


200 mg

Tamarind extract

200 mg

of which hydroxycitric acid 60%

120 mg

Ginger extract 4: 1

166 mg

Raspberry extract

126 mg

Yerba Mate extract

90 mg

including caffeine 20%

18 mg

Black pepper extract

35 mg

including piperine (95%)

33.3 mg

Cocoa bean extract

24 mg

including theobromine 20%

4.8 mg

Number of servings



L-tyrosine, green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis),

bitter orange fruit extract 20: 1 (Citrus aurantium),

 cayenne pepper fruit extract (Capsicum annum L),

anhydrous caffeine


Tamarind fruit peel extract 4: 1 (Garcinia cambogia),

 ginger rhizome extract 4: 1 (Zingiber officinale),

 raspberry leaf extract (Rubus idaeus L.), anti-caking agent:

magnesium salts of fatty acids


yerbamate leaf extract (Ilex paraguariensis),

 black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum),

cocoa bean extract (Theobroma cacao). Shell components: gelatin, color: titanium dioxide.