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Econo Premium - 900g Cake with Cream
Econo Premium - 900g Cake with Cream
Product Code: 100-74-6554485-20 UNS

Econo Premium - 900g Cake with Cream

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ECONO PREMIUM - a dietary supplement consisting of 100% WPC 80 whey protein concentrate in the instant version.

The recipe was created to meet the body's needs for protein, with intense physical exertion, in athletes and physically active people. Protein as one of the most important components fulfills a number of important biological functions. It contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and has a direct impact on maintaining healthy bones.

- 100% WPC 80 in the Instant version (without the addition of vegetable proteins and other cheap fillers).
- 23 g of protein per daily portion.
- High amount of amino acids (BCAA) in a daily dose - 5.3 g.
- Low sugar content in a daily dose - 1.3 g.
- Light, milky consistency - no chemical aftertaste.
- Delicious taste - 20 amazing flavors to choose from!
- Sweetened only with sucralose - without the addition of sweeteners such as acesulfame K, aspartame, sodium cyclamate.

Consuming whey proteins affects the production of a valuable compound - glutathione. It is the main element that has antioxidant activity and antioxidant properties. Proteins are one of the body's main building materials. They are found in the greatest amount in the muscles and in the human body they constitute about 20 percent of body weight. The functions of this nutrient are many. One of the most important is that it ensures the proper functioning of cells and the growth of the entire organism.