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ECONO - 1800g  Pistachio Ice Cream
ECONO - 1800g  Pistachio Ice Cream
Product Code: 100-76-6534995-20 UNS

ECONO - 1800g Pistachio Ice Cream

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ECONO INSTANT conditioner is a high-protein dietary supplement in the form of a powder, which allows you to prepare a tasty cocktail to supplement your daily diet.

The composition of the supplement from UNS Supplements is based on high-quality whey protein concentrate (WPC), which is one of the most-chosen sources of protein among physically active people. 100 g of the dry weight of the product contains nearly 70% of protein that has been devoid of unnecessary additives, such as simple sugars, aspartame or unnecessary vegetable proteins.

The purpose of protein supplements is, above all, to quickly and conveniently provide the body with the right amount of proteins, which are known to have a beneficial effect on the growth and maintenance of muscle mass . What's more, the protein allows you to maintain healthy bone condition , which may be exposed in people who exercise to excessive load resulting from the implementation of intense training.

The use of protein supplements is recommended equally for amateur and professional athletes of various disciplines. Virtually every lover of an active lifestyle and varied diet can use ECONO INSTANT as a form of an alternative source of protein in their daily diet. It is worth mentioning that the composition of the product is characterized by a low sugar content. This, in turn, did not in any way affect the quality of the available flavors, which were prepared for lovers of sweets.

Another advantage of the protein supplement is the instantaneous form , which does not cause any problems with solubility. Protein after preparation is characterized by a light consistency , and when consumed it does not cause the feeling of overflow. Nothing prevents the ECONO INSTANT conditioner from being used to diversify the taste of some meals, such as oatmeal, desserts or pancakes. You are limited only by your imagination, so find out about your own creativity in the kitchen!

Reach for ECONO INSTANT and choose a good source of protein at an attractive price!

How many servings of the conditioner should I consume?

The product should be used according to individual needs, but during the day we recommend consuming 1 to 2 servings of the conditioner.

Water or milk - which will be better for the preparation of the product?

The instant form of the ECONO INSTANT conditioner makes every choice good. For our part, we recommend using skimmed milk.

Can I take protein while losing weight?

The low sugar content in the composition makes the product suitable for reducing body fat and shaping a slim figure

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily dose

Nutritional value

100 g

Energy value

1538 kJ / 367 kcal


6.0 g

including saturated fatty acids

4.1 g


18 g

including sugars

4.5 g

Protein sm

70 g


0.4 g

WPC 80 whey protein concentrate

87 g

Number of servings


Nutritional value

Daily portion (30g)

Energy value

460 kJ / 110 kcal (5%) *


1.9 g (3%) *

including saturated fatty acids

1.2 g (6%) *


5.5 g (2%) *

including sugars

1.2 g (1%) *

Protein sm

21 g (42%) *


0.1 g (2%) *

WPC 80 whey protein concentrate

26 g


WPC 80 whey protein concentrate (from milk),

maltodextrin, flavor, sweetener:

sucralose, stabilizer: xanthan gum.

* NRV - nutrient reference value