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DAA - 200g Pure
DAA - 200g Pure
Product Code: 100-31-0015591-20 UNS

DAA - 200g Pure

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The DAA 100% PURE product from UNS Supplements is a convenient and handy source of D-aspartic acid. A single serving of the product supplements the daily diet with 3000 mg of active substance.

DAA is one of the amino acids that is produced in the body through endogenous synthesis. According to the common knowledge, D-aspartic acid may prove to be a valuable support for the natural production of testosterone - one of the most important sex hormones for men, the normal level of which is often lowered (e.g. due to high stress, excessive physical activity or improper nutrition). It is the optimal concentration of testosterone that affects, among others for muscle strength , the ability to regenerate and effective mass building .

The above property of DAA may prove to be equally beneficial for libido and sexual performance . The progressive aging process of the body causes a gradual reduction in endogenous testosterone production, which translates into numerous sexual dysfunctions or deterioration of sperm quality. D-aspartic acid is likely to have a valuable effect in men over the age of 30.

It is also worth adding that DAA is a valuable amino acid in the context of the proper functioning of the nervous system . The influence of D-aspartic acid may be helpful for memory and cognitive functions , which is dictated by, among others, its participation in the synthesis of dopamine and GABA - two extremely valuable neurotransmitters that regulate well-being.

Reach for DAA and take care of the necessary aspects for the proper functioning of each day!

Does DAA raise testosterone levels?
D-aspartic acid can contribute to an increase in testosterone levels by stimulating its endogenous production by the body. 

Is it true that DAA is also applicable to libido problems?
Since DAA affects the production and total level of testosterone, it can be assumed that it will improve sexual condition and solve libido problems. 

Does DAA have detoxifying properties?
According to some studies and experts' opinions, D-aspartic acid may be helpful in neutralizing unnecessary and harmful metabolic products. 

Active ingredients

Amount per serving (3 g)

D-aspartic acid

3000 mg


D-aspartic acid.

Number of servings