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Supplement   Creatine is a product in the form of highly micronized powder, which can serve as an alternative source of high-quality creatine daily diet.

Each serving of the DR2 product contains as much as 4.5 g of concentrated monohydrate - the best known and most frequently used form of creatine among physically active people. The supplement is available in the form of an easily dissolving powder, which allows you to prepare a refreshing drink with several fruit flavors. The product was prepared from reliable and tested raw materials, and the composition was devoid of unnecessary additives and fillers.

Creatine has for many years been an essential point of sports supplementation in beginners and experienced sportsmen. Lovers of virtually any type of physical activity, especially strength and endurance training, decide to use it because of its scientifically proven effect. The increase in creatine content results in the intensification of ATP resynthesis and an increase in the level of phosphocreatine , which results in greater energy storage in the muscles . Thanks to this, the body gains the appropriate energy base for effective exercise . This, however, will translate into much better results when working on a muscular and sporty figure. Creatine is credited with having a real influence on the increase of physical efficiency when performing short-term and intense exercise.

A particularly important property of creatine monohydrate is its effect on the water retention process. The accumulation of water by muscle cells increases their size and presumably stimulates some anabolic processes (e.g. the synthesis of new proteins or stimulation of growth reactions), which in turn will lead to more efficient shaping of lean muscle mass .

The DR2 Creatine preparation is 400 g , which corresponds to as many as 80 suggested portions of valuable monohydrate! The high creatine content in each serving leaves no doubt that the product will allow you to effectively supplement your daily diet with the necessary ingredient to develop your dream and muscular figure!

Does creatine monohydrate cause weight gain?
Yes, creatine leads to weight gain, but this is due to increased water binding. It should be remembered that the use of monohydrate accompanied by a balanced diet and regular training will allow you to develop pure muscle mass. 

Is creatine supplementation recommended for women?
Creatine is a compound that occurs naturally in the muscles. Unfortunately, the amount produced by endogenous synthesis is too small to support the modeling of a sports figure. There are no obstacles for women to reach for the Creatine dietary supplement - especially since its flavors and solubility will meet even the most demanding tastes. 

Can creatine damage the kidneys?
By following the recommendations of the DR2 company on the product packaging, you do not have to worry about your own health. During creatine supplementation, it is worth increasing the supply of fluids drunk, which will help increase the effectiveness of the substance in the context of working on the figure. The preparation Creatine prepared from the best quality raw materials, which have been analyzed and tested confirming the safety of their use

Active ingredients

Amount per serving (5 g)

Creatine Monohydrate

4500 mg

including creatine

4000 mg

Ingredients (for flavor versions)

Creatine Monohydrate, Flavors, Acidity Regulator:

 Citric Acid, Sweetener: Sucralose

Number of portions (for the flavor version)