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Creatine - 402g
Creatine - 402g
Product Code: 111 Muscle Tech

Creatine - 402g

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Muscletech 100% Platinum Creatine Micronized 14.11 oz

Muscletech Platinum 100 CreatineMicronized has Creatine pharmacological undergraduate ultra pure that produces effects in increasing capacity and muscular endurance during physical activities of high intensity, becoming a supplement for bodybuilding with very good results. Muscletech Creatine 100 Platinum also offers good effect in anaerobic and aerobic sports.  

Muscletech Platinum 100% Creatine acts as an excellent and powerful ergonomic sports supplement that performs the important function of energize muscles and increase the yield and strength in sports.  

Muscletech Platinum 100 Creatine ultra pure is processed with ultra thin granulating of 180 microns to ensure a perfect dispersion and absorption. This creatine has also HPLC certification which guarantees 100% purity and effectiveness.  

How to take Platinum 100% Creatine: within the first three (3) days of charging period, mix 1 scoop in 235ml of water and take 4 times a day. after three (3) days and like, mix 1 scoop included with 235ml of water and take 1 to 2 times daily. For best results the Muscletech suggests that if possible replace the water for a drink with carbohydrates or even an isotonic drink.