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Collagen Plus - 450g Lemon
Collagen Plus - 450g Lemon
Product Code: 100-37-0779029-20 UNS

Collagen Plus - 450g Lemon

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COLLAGEN is a supplement in the form of an easily soluble powder with a fruity flavor, the formula of which contains the optimal amount of two forms of collagen with valuable additives.

UNS SUPPLEMENTS has prepared a product, the single serving of which enables the body to provide nearly 5 g of collagen in two forms (hydrolyzed and native) . Collagen proteins are absolutely one of the most important components that contribute to the connective tissue that forms the structures of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. cartilage, tendons, ligaments or joint capsules. Collagen deficiencies may have an adverse effect on the condition of the above structures, which will lead to a decrease in elasticity or a reduction in their resistance to mechanical forces. The supplement will prove to be a valuable support for the diet of exercising people and the elderly, who are particularly exposed to injuries and injuries.

Collagen is also an important ingredient for the condition of our skin. Its insufficient amount in the daily diet may deteriorate its appearance, reduce its firmness or limit its resistance to, for example, deformation or the action of certain physicochemical stimuli. Collagen protein also supports the maintenance of an appropriate level of skin hydration , which ensures its proper smoothness and allows to reduce the negative consequences of the progressive aging process of the organism .

The formula of the COLLAGEN preparation has been enriched with several additives. Vitamin C is one of the basic components of the daily diet that determines the proper production of collagen . As a result, it provides additional support in the proper functioning of bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth . The combination of this vitamin together with Japanese Pearly and citrus extracts may prove valuable in counteracting oxygen free radicals and providing additional support for antioxidant reactions .

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  1. Can COLLAGEN be used during convalescence?

Collagen protein can be treated as a form of dietary supplement when recovering from an injury or injury.

  1. Will collagen work for people who do not exercise?

COLLAGEN preparation can be used for preventive maintenance of the proper state and functionality of the musculoskeletal structures, regardless of the level of physical activity. Daily use of collagen is also important for women (training and avoiding physical activity).

  1. Will collagen protein help with joint stiffness and pain?

Some specialists confirm that the systematic use of collagen may be helpful in reducing the above-mentioned ailments.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (6 g)

Collagen hydrolyzate

3700 mg

Native bovine collagen

1000 mg

Vitamin C

80 mg (100% *)

Japanese pearl extract

50 mg

including 98% quercetin

49 mg

Citrus fruit extract

50 mg

including citrus bioflavonoids 60%

30 mg

* RWS - Reference Value of Consumption