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Collagen - 90 tab
Collagen - 90 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Collagen - 90 tab

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Do you want to protect your joints and protect yourself against ailments from the musculoskeletal system?  Collagen Muscle Care will provide you with maximum protection and support in the daily regeneration of joints, tendons and ligaments and will allow you to enjoy full fitness until old age! *

Collagen by Muscle Care is a top-quality preparation based on natural ingredients that allow you to comprehensively care for your joints. The preparation perfectly meets the needs of physically active people and guarantees maximum bioavailability, affecting the rate of regeneration of already used articular cartilage. *

How does collagen in Muscle Care work?

Collagen is a component of connective tissue that occurs naturally in the human body. Unfortunately, its production begins to decline with age - even before the age of 30, the amount of collagen fibers produced by the body gradually decreases, which has a negative impact on the appearance of the skin and makes the joints function worse. Collagen is an essential ingredient for the production of synovial fluid responsible for joint mobility, which reduces friction and ensures proper joint mobility, so if you care about full physical fitness, provide your body with an optimal dose of collagen as soon as possible in the form of a quickly absorbable Collagen Muscle Care supplement!

Another factor that weakens the locomotor system is physical activity, overweight and work that requires constant standing, and the only way to replenish collagen deficiencies is taking supplements. Due to the fact that collagen is almost absent in the components of our daily diet, Collagen Muscle Care supplementation is an excellent choice not only for physically active athletes, but also for everyone who wants to enjoy physical fitness in the distant future. *

Take care of the health of your joints and enjoy activity regardless of age. Collagen Muscle Care will provide you with the necessary protection and regeneration of your joints at the highest level, thanks to which you will avoid pain, problems with joint mobility, mobility limitations that take away the will to live, and additionally protect yourself against injuries and speed up the recovery period after injuries! *

When choosing a Muscle Care dietary supplement, you do not have to worry that you will painfully feel the effects of your current workouts after many years! Check and see that only the composition optimally matched to your needs will give you a satisfactory effect and allow you to quickly enjoy the effects of the preparation.

* Effects depend on individual predispositions.