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Coenzym Q10 - 90 tab
Coenzym Q10 - 90 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Coenzym Q10 - 90 tab

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strong antioxidant effect,
protects the body against free radicals
strengthens the immune system
energy to act
protects cells against damage caused by intense exercise
supports the stabilization of blood pressure, while improving the work of the heart
helps to improve memory,
increases resistance and performance during exercise
delays aging
helps to stimulate the body's metabolism (the active ingredient of the supplement can help with weight loss)
Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10  Muscle Care  is a supplement containing the beneficial coenzyme Q10, which supports enzymes in regulating various metabolic processes in our body. The coenzyme itself is not produced by our body, so it is necessary to supply it with the diet, and the use of the preparation allows you to effectively replenish the deficiencies of this valuable ingredient, known as the elixir of youth.

Unfortunately, over the years, the amount of coenzyme Q10 in food products decreases, hence its supplementation, especially in active people, becomes necessary. Without the participation of coenzyme Q10, our body is not able to generate too much energy, so its presence in the diet of an athlete and an amateur of an active lifestyle is invaluable.

Coenzyme Q10 works in the mitochondria of cell membranes, where it drives them to generate energy for the body. Contained in as much as 30 mg in a single Coenzyme Q10 Muscle Care  tablet, this important nutrient  plays a key role in a series of chemical reactions that transport oxygen and produce energy. Additionally, it acts as an antioxidant - it helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress, which unfortunately are an integral part of intense exercise.

When CoQ10 deficiencies occur, most of the body's major organs, cells, and tissues are depleted of energy, and when combined with intense strength training or other form of exercise, it may be associated with chronic fatigue and the need to extend rest periods for recovery. Supplementing the diet in the form of additional supplementation, therefore, often becomes a key element in achieving the intended training effects.

Coenzyme Q10  Muscle Care  is a supplement that will be a perfect supplement to the diet of both professional athletes and amateurs of an active lifestyle who want to enjoy the maximum training effects. *

* Effects depend on individual predispositions