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The Citrulline Malate dietary supplement is a flavorless powder that provides a convenient source of high-quality citrulline in the form of easily digestible malate.

Citrulline is an amino acid essential for sports supplementation. First of all, it is an active ingredient included in the group of NO boosters - substances that increase the production and release of nitric oxide into the blood. The consequence of this action is the improvement of muscle congestion , which results in the extremely desirable "muscle pump" effect. Often times, exercisers mention the real feeling of increased strength . Increasing congestion supports the transport of essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles working during training, which provides them with an optimal environment and increases exercise capacity .

It should not be forgotten that citrulline malate is also a precursor of L-arginine - a compound that is a fundamental ingredient to enhance the above-mentioned "muscle pump-up" effect. This is another proof that the presence of citrulline in pre-workout mixes is undeniable and it really helps to shape a muscular figure . Especially in the case of strength and endurance disciplines. In addition to the above, citrulline may have a valuable impact on the level of growth hormone and the state of sexual condition.

Another important fact is the participation of this amino acid in the process of the urea cycle. It is a cascade of reactions that allows the removal of toxic ammonia from the body and is one of the natural methods of its purification from unnecessary and harmful metabolic products.

The package contains as many as 50 active portions of the supplement. UNS Supplements resigned from using unnecessary additives in the composition and obtained a product with a high degree of concentration - each serving is 4 g of pure L-citrulline malate , which can be successfully used as an addition to other preparations, such as BCAA, creatine or training boosters.

Reach for Citrulline Malate and make the right choice on your way to success!

  1. Which products are worth using during citrulline supplementation?

L-arginine and citrulline show a synergistic effect, as evidenced by their participation in the process of the urea cycle. Therefore, they are often recommended for simultaneous use.

  1. Can this product be combined with caffeine?

Nothing prevents you from using citrulline malate simultaneously with caffeine. This is evidenced by its frequent participation in comprehensive pre-workout supplements.

  1. Does training period matter?

Citrulline can be successfully used by beginners as well as experienced and professional sports players.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (4 g)

Citrulline malate

4000 mg


Citrulline malate (100%).

Number of servings