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Chrome - 180 tab
Chrome - 180 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Chrome - 180 tab

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Chrome Muscle Care is a dietary supplement that enriches the diet of active people with the necessary trace mineral - chromium.

Research shows that chromium is an element supporting the action of insulin, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Better control of blood sugar levels has several beneficial effects that are an important aspect of a healthy diet.

• chromium supplementation helps to control body weight and promotes fat loss, which is important during weight loss and reduction
• dietary chromium helps prevent many chronic heart diseases, diabetes, etc.
• chromium supplementation has a positive effect on glucose levels in the blood
• chromium plays an important role in fat metabolism - helps to control cholesterol levels
• chromium reduces the appetite for carbohydrates - we eat less simple sugars
• supplementation with chromium helps to reduce fat mass, promotes the increase of lean muscle mass and can lead to weight loss
• chromium promotes insulin resistance

Chrome Muscle Care contains a solid dose of chromium, thanks to which people who actively train and not only can effectively replenish its deficiencies and derive maximum benefits from its beneficial effects. *

* Effects depend on individual predispositions

Chrome Muscle Care is a supplement created for both professional athletes and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle who want to enjoy the maximum training effects and value a comprehensive and well-balanced diet.