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CAFFEINE 200mg - 100 caps
CAFFEINE 200mg - 100 caps
Product Code: 100-26-6300054-20 UNS

CAFFEINE 200mg - 100 caps

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CAFFEINE - is a dietary supplement in capsules.

Provides 200 mg of caffeine in pure form per daily dose.

It is intended for people who work hard physically and mentally, and also as a pre-training preparation because:

- Caffeine helps to increase attention and alertness,
- helps to improve concentration,
- helps to increase focus,
- helps to maintain the body's physical vitality,
- improves the ability to concentrate and reduces the feeling of fatigue,
- stimulates and adds energy.

Caffeine is an ingredient obtained from the seeds of the coffee tree. It is characterized by a quick action stimulating the body to increased physical and mental effort. Caffeine is a food ingredient regularly consumed by the majority of the population. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, which is why it is considered the most consumed stimulant substance.

One of the hallmarks of caffeine brings athletes a double benefit. First of all, it increases endurance and favors the absorption of energy from adipose tissue, supporting its reduction.