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CAFFEINE - 200mg Pure
CAFFEINE - 200mg Pure
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CAFFEINE - 200mg Pure

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CAFFEINE dietary supplement is a concentrated source of pure and high-quality caffeine available in the form of a powder without any additives.

For many years, caffeine has been one of the most-chosen active substances to stimulate the nervous system and increase the threshold of perceived fatigue . Its most popular source is of course coffee beans, although there are a number of other plant materials that are rich in it (e.g. cocoa beans, guarana fruit or yerba mate leaves). Every day, thousands of people around the world choose caffeine as a safe and optimal way to maintain an optimal level of concentration .

It should not be forgotten that caffeine is a fundamental ingredient in many dietary supplements and preparations for people who exercise. Athletes repeatedly reaching for pre-workout supplements or fat burners provide their body with caffeine, which is dictated by its real impact on reducing the increasing psychophysical load during exercise. Systematic use of caffeine may prove to be a valuable support for increasing concentration , maintaining the right amount of energy for training or maintaining a general sense of vitality . Its quick action allows you to quickly increase our motivation to exercise and properly mobilize before performing the next series.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that caffeine may turn out to be a valuable solution in the case of slimming and modeling a slim figure. Its stimulating properties can intensify the metabolism of adipose tissue, reduce excessive appetite and increase the effectiveness of training, which will translate into burning more calories during exercise.

Choose CAFFEINE and focus on your goal!

  1. Can I use this product in the evening?

The stimulating effect of caffeine means that the product is not recommended for use in the evening.

  1. Can I combine this product with other supplements?

Of course! CAFFEINE can complement many caffeine-free supplements.

  1. I do not drink coffee every day - can this preparation be a substitute for it?

Contrary to coffee, the product does not have such a characteristic taste and can be added to your favorite juice. It is a frequent choice among people who avoid coffee consumption.