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CAFFEINE - 200 caps
CAFFEINE - 200 caps
Product Code: 111 DR2

CAFFEINE - 200 caps

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The Caffeine dietary supplement allows you to enrich your daily diet with concentrated and maximally pure caffeine.

The DR2 company presents a product that is an ideal alternative for people avoiding coffee and energy drinks, who want to ensure effective support for the nervous system . Preparation of Caffeine provides the body up to 200 mg of caffeine in the form of easy to swallow capsules - tasteless, frills and any problems in the application!

The stimulating properties of caffeine are appreciated practically all over the world. Dozens of people decide to use this ingredient in the context of improving concentration , quickly providing additional energy or reducing the current level of psychophysical fatigue . Natural sources of caffeine are plants such as green coffee and tea, cocoa beans, yerba-mate leaves and guarana seeds. The DR2 supplement uses pure raw material , and the product itself does not contain any seemingly needed additives - the content of each capsule is high-quality caffeine without unnecessary additives .

Professional athletes and people exercising recreationally know very well that most pre-workouts use caffeine in their composition. Its action allows you to increase the metabolic rate , increases resistance to increasing exhaustion during training and increases the effectiveness of the exercises performed . What's more, caffeine is a fundamental component of fat burners and supplements supporting the control of a healthy body weight. Why? According to some sources, its properties may be helpful, among others to reduce excessive appetite and stimulate the metabolism of adipose tissue.

The preparation DR2 Caffeine is a product available in a package containing 200 capsules , which will provide for the daily diet for 200 consecutive days ! Try an economical way to get extra energy for exercise!

Can caffeine be used by people who avoid coffee?
Yes, as long as there are no contraindications to the use of ingredients with stimulant properties. The preparation Caffeine can be used as a replacement for coffee, energy drinks or przedtreningówek of excessive sugar content. 

When is it worth reaching for Caffeine capsules?
The DR2 supplement is a great option before planned exercises. The quick action of caffeine will stimulate the work of the nervous system, add extra energy to work and increase focus on training. In addition, it will help reduce the perceived fatigue and increase the level of motivation to work more intensively. 

Can Caffeine be used with other DR2 products?
Caffeine contained in the supplement is perfect as an addition to Beta-alanine, Citrulline or BCAA Plus preparations .

Active ingredients

Amount per serving (1 capsule)

Anhydrous caffeine

200 mg

Active ingredients

Bulking agent: maltodextrin,

 anhydrous caffeine, anti-caking agent:

magnesium salts of fatty acids.

 Shell ingredients: gelatin, color: titanium dioxide.

Number of servings