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Caffe - 90 tab
Caffe - 90 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Caffe - 90 tab

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Do you want to improve your attention span during training? Do you need an extra dose of energy? Coffe-200 is a dietary supplement that will help you achieve your goal! *

Advantages of using caffeine supplementation:

- increasing concentration
- improving reflexes and shortening the reaction time
- increasing alertness
- increasing the working time of the muscles
- increasing the strength of muscle contraction and muscle tension
- increasing the endurance of the respiratory muscles
- increasing the respiratory capacity of the lungs
- reducing fatigue and energy flow 

Caffeine effectively increases endurance during physical exertion and is widely used by professional athletes and amateurs. Its properties will also be appreciated by people who perform heavy physical work and are looking for a way to increase their efficiency during intense mental effort.

Coffe-200 will provide your body with a dose of caffeine that is ideally suited to increase concentration and will cause a surge of energy, which is often lacking during intense workouts. The preparation is in the form of an easy to take and quickly digestible tablet. *

How does caffeine work on the body of athletes?

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that, among others, by acting on the central nervous system, it allows you to achieve better sports results. After consumption, caffeine largely accumulates in the muscles, which makes it effective in increasing physical efficiency and endurance during exercise.

In addition, caffeine contributes to the increase in adrenaline secretion.

By using Coffe-200 you gain the ability to quickly deliver to the body, optimal dose of caffeine to achieve the desired effects. * Coffe-200 contains as much as 400 mg of pure caffeine, which is a dose comparable to the amount of caffeine contained in about 8 cups of espresso or 4 cups of strong instant coffee!

Officially, since 2005, caffeine has been recognized as legal doping and removed from the list of substances prohibited in sports, so it can also be used before and during the competition, however, its concentration in the competitor's urine must not exceed 12 µg / ml.

* Effects depend on individual predispositions.