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Burner - 60 tab
Burner - 60 tab
Product Code: 111 Muscle Care

Burner - 60 tab

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BURNER Muscle Care

Muscle Care BURNER  it  's uplement diet tablets designed for professional athletes and amateur sports people. It supports the diet with the power of plant extracts with a thermogenic effect, and is additionally supplemented with L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, caffeine and chromium. In total, it is a preparation enriched with as many as 17 active ingredients that comprehensively support fat burning, which effectively supports the fight for a dream figure. *


BURNER Muscle Care  is an excellent way to burn effectively and at the same time build a figure *, which is why it cannot miss a solid dose of amino acids:

L-carnitine  is an amino acid responsible for the transport of fatty acids and their use as energy, what is more, it is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and some amino acids, helping to maintain a beautiful figure. L-carnitine also regulates many hormones - especially thyroid hormones and testosterone, whose deficiencies slow down burning.

L-tyrosine  , in turn, is a precursor of important neurotransmitters - dopamine and norepinephrine, which are responsible for our well-being and physical form. Dopamine supports our memory, energy and the feeling of pleasure, and norepinephrine motivates us to act, increases concentration and fuels our entire body. Better blood circulation in the body means better metabolism, and thus greater combustion.

BURNER Muscle Care  is also a portion of caffeine and chromium:

Caffeine  supports our body in using fat stores as a source of energy, which helps to conserve muscle glycogen. What's more, it is a way to increase strength, energy, less fatigue and performance during physical activity. Thanks to caffeine, we can train harder and more effectively, which at the same time increases consumption.

Chromium  is a micronutrient that performs a number of important functions in our body, helps metabolize glucose, reduces the need for insulin, and is a component of many digestive enzymes. It is an element that reduces our appetite and supports burning.


BURNER Muscle Care  is an amazing combination of forces that help in fat burning, taken straight from nature! The rich and exceptionally complex composition of the preparation includes extracts and plant extracts with a strong thermogenic effect:

Cola nut powder  is a rich source of stimulating caffeine, derived from a tropical tree growing in Africa; these peanuts help raise the level of energy, and African tribes used them during long journeys through the desert, because they not only added strength, but also inhibited hunger, they are also an excellent aphrodisiac;

green tea extract  is rich in polyphenols - compounds with antioxidant properties; what's more, they keep youth for longer and add vitality;

Camellia sinensis - this Chinese tea  is the source of the most active catechins, which are a strong antioxidant, neutralize free radicals and protect against cancer; as a supplement component, it has a positive effect on the physical condition, improves metabolism and strengthens the body; *

white willow bark extract (Salix alba)  is a source of strong salicylates that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-aggregating properties, and in combination with caffeine and synephrine, they help accelerate fat burning;

powdered bitter melon fruit (Momordica charantia)  are an excellent supplement to the supplement, because they have blood sugar regulating properties, have antibacterial properties and have a positive effect on physical condition, as they support glycogen retention in muscles, which results in an increase in muscle mass and increased use of fat stores for purposes energy;

powdered bitter orange fruit (Citrus aurantium)  - or more precisely  synephrine  is a strong temogen that helps to accelerate fat burning;

guarana fruit extract (Paullinia cupana)  - is considered to be the richest source of caffeine in nature, has a strong stimulating, strengthening and soothing effect of hunger, stimulates fat metabolism and thus increases burning;

Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract is an ingredient that has a strong diuretic effect, supports the digestive system, relieves pain and increases fat burning in the body;

Garcinia cambogia fruit extract  is an excellent way to improve metabolism and reduce appetite, it also allows you to reduce the amount of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and supports the achievement of sports results;

Cnidium monnieri seed extract  - an active ingredient with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties; supports the secretion of testosterone, which at the same time accelerates fat burning and building muscle tissue;

Codonopsis pilosula root extract  is also known as eastern bellflower root, which has a strong tonic effect; additionally supports fat burning, regulates appetite and has a soothing effect on the digestive system;

powdered fruit of Bauhinia purpurea L,  also known as the fruit of the purple orchid tree, is an effective slimming ingredient, as it greatly supports metabolism and increases calorie burning;

Piper nigrum black pepper seed extract  is an ingredient that helps maintain the best metabolism of macronutrients and supports the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.



is a perfectly composed supplement rich in extracts and plant extracts with a strong thermogenic power supporting fat burning,

a solid portion of amino acids as well as caffeine and chromium for fuller results of supplementation,

a great supplement for people who are slimming, who are on reduction and strive for specific training results,

solid support for immunity, muscle protection, better metabolism and effective fat burning.

BURNER Muscle Care  contains the optimal dose of plant extracts and extracts, amino acids as well as caffeine and chromium, thanks to which people who actively train and not only can effectively maximize fat burning and derive maximum benefits from their beneficial effects. *

* Effects depend on individual predispositions

BURNER Muscle Care  is a supplement created for both professional athletes and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle who want to enjoy the maximum training effects and value a complete, perfectly balanced diet.


BURNER Muscle Care  should be consumed once a day - in a serving of 3 tablets before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.