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KFD Nutrition

The Polish brand KFD Nutrition is one of the largest manufacturers of sports nutrition in Europe with its own facilities and laboratories for the development and testing of new products. The range of the brand is truly amazing: here you will find everything from proteins and gainers, to amino acids and sports supplements for individual purposes. With KFD you get high quality at budget prices.

The main highlight of KFD is the huge amount of unique flavors that you will not find in any other manufacturer. Just browse the range of Proteins, Gainers and BCAAs on our DSN.group platform. Have you ever tried berry jelly flavored amino acids? And with the taste of beer?

In addition to sports nutrition, the company produces a line of low-calorie sauces with excellent flavors. Here you will find garlic and kebab sauce and even spicy salsa. There are also sweet sauces with vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and maple syrup.

But the novelties do not end there, in the KFD product line you will also find peanut and pistachio spreads, coconut oil and even chocolate bars. And all manufactured products are of high quality, which is guaranteed by KFD Nutrition.

All raw materials used in production have the appropriate documents and quality certificates, which confirm 100% authenticity and safety of all products in the range.

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