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Based on In 2016, the Polish brand IronFlex today has become one of the most recognized brands among the leaders of the European sports nutrition market.

IronFlex offers a wide range of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrate supplements, vitamins and minerals, pre-workout complexes, creatine and fat burner.

In production, IronFlex additives use only natural ingredients, and also use the most advanced technologies in creating their product. These are the key aspects that allow IroFlex to offer high quality additives at competitive prices.

Benefits of IronFlex sports nutrition:

  • Successful experience of the company in the field of creation and production of sports nutritional supplements
  • A wide range of preparations for professionals and amateurs
  • European quality of products
  • Application of innovative technologies, use of the latest scientific developments
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Compliance with GHP and GMP standards, European food safety requirements
  • Affordable price
  • Get price You can download a list with prices and availability from the link above. DSN Group offers wholesale supplies from the manufacturer Ironflex with fast logistics and flexible prices. Download the price list and place your order on the site right now.