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The manufacturer of sports nutrition Blastex has gained its popularity due to its fairly wide product lines for athletes. It doesn't matter what the athlete's goal is - gaining muscle mass, increasing strength and endurance, speeding up recovery or burning excess fat - all this is present in the Blastex range.

Blastex product categories

  • Protein Supplements & Gainers

  • Creatine

  • Pre-training complexes

  • For burning fat

  • Joint and Ligament Support

  • Shakers and accessories

  • And also many other positions ...

    The brand attaches particular importance to the flavors of its products, using natural ingredients without gluten, so they are suitable even for people with allergies. Flavors from basic lemon and orange to cherry and chocolate can be found in the lines. Some supplements are supplemented with caffeine, taurine and arginine.

    Blastex brand products are manufactured in Poland and are not inferior in quality to their counterparts from the USA, although they belong to the budget segment. You can download the price list in the upper right corner and see the prices from the official distributor - the DSN Group company.