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BETA ALANINE - 200g Pure
BETA ALANINE - 200g Pure
Product Code: 100-31-6698165-20 UNS

BETA ALANINE - 200g Pure

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BETA ALANINE is an easily soluble powder that, when dissolved in water or your favorite juice, allows you to prepare a drink that enriches your daily diet with the optimal portion of beta-alanine.

The supplement formula has been devoid of unnecessary additives and fillers , which allowed UNS Supplements to use a concentrated amount of 800 mg of pure beta-alanine per serving. This ingredient is commonly known as a component of pre-workout supplements , creatine stacks or mixtures aimed at enhancing the total body performance during periods of increased physical activity .

Beta-alanine is primarily a precursor of carnosine - a protein that regulates the acid-base balance and allows the optimal pH level of muscle cells to be maintained. Thanks to this, the muscles maintain the right environment for intense work, which in turn translates into the effective development of dry mass during exercise. At the same time, it helps to reduce excessive "acidification" of muscles without significantly increasing oxygen uptake. In addition, regular beta-alanine supplementation may have a positive effect on exercise parameters, including muscle strength and endurance during the training sessions.

The BETA ALANINE dietary supplement has a natural taste. The lack of sweeteners and sugars is good news for people who care about every calorie in their diet, especially during the period of preparing their figure for competition. Moreover, it allows the product to be used in the form of an addition to other preparations, such as NO boosters or amino acid complexes . The optimally defined portion will not create problems with selecting the right amount to achieve the desired result.

Reach for BETA ALANINE and feel real support on the way to the desired results!

  1. I felt tingling and itching after consuming the product. Is it normal?

There is no need to worry. These effects are the body's natural reaction to the action of beta-alanine, and the feeling itself wears off after about 60 minutes.

  1. Is beta-alanine only good for training in the gym?

Beta-alanine supplementation is recommended to every lover of high-intensity training. It can be successfully used by runners, footballers and martial arts enthusiasts. Amateurs and professionals alike.

  1. Does taking beta-alanine cause sleep problems?

Beta-alanine is a component that does not have any nervous system stimulating properties . Contrary to, for example, caffeine or guarana, it does not cause excessive arousal and difficulty falling asleep.

Nutritional information

Active ingredients

Amount in the recommended daily portion (0.8 g)

Beta alanine

800 mg


Beta alanine (100%).

Number of servings