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BCAA PLUS - 400g
BCAA PLUS - 400g
Product Code: 111 DR2

BCAA PLUS - 400g

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The BCAA Plus supplement is a comprehensive composition of many valuable amino acids that have been selected in the right proportions.

The DR2 company presents a preparation that provides a gigantic amount of as much as 10 g of amino acids in a single serving . The supplement is available in the form of an easily soluble powder, which allows you to prepare the most fruity refreshing drink for recreational exercisers and professional sportsmen.

The foundation of the BCAA Plus supplement recipe is a complex of exogenous amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine) in a classic 2: 1: 1 ratio. BCAAs are fundamental components of proteins and muscle tissue that are used by athletes around the world. All because of their potentially significant impact on the increase in the protection of muscles against adverse breakdown reactions , which are an indispensable element of exhausting and intense strength and endurance training. What's more, L-leucine contained in the BCAA complex is one of the most important components in the process of protein synthesis - according to specialists, maintaining its high level can have an extremely valuable impact on the effective formation of lean muscle mass .

The presence of L-glutamine in the composition of BCAA Plus is undeniable. It constitutes nearly 60% of the total pool of amino acids in the human body, and its operation is based on maintaining an optimal nitrogen balance . Thanks to this, it provides the working muscles with favorable conditions for work during the exercises. Glutamine has such a valuable influence on the condition and functioning of the digestive system.

The BCAA Plus formula also contains an optimally defined portion of citrulline in the form of easily digestible malate. Citrulline is an amino acid from the category of NO boosters - it enhances resynthesis and the release of beneficial nitric oxide (NO), which improves the transport of nutrients and oxygen with blood to the muscles. The consequence of this action is the popular muscle pump effect, which may be associated with the subjective feeling of strength gain and greater resistance to fatigue.

The DR2 supplement is primarily a high content of amino acids in a single serving, which does not require the use of additional preparations! The 400 g package contains as many as 32 servings, which ensures over a month of effective supplementation. Bet on an innovative solution in the form of BCAA Plus !

With which sports disciplines is it worth using BCAA Plus?
The amino acids contained in the product will be used in practically every type of training, but the best results will be achieved by people practicing strength and endurance disciplines, e.g. crossfit, bodybuilding or powerlifting. 

Are glutamine deficiencies dangerous?
According to some specialists, too low levels of glutamine are associated with a significant decrease in immunity, lower effectiveness in the field of wound healing, and reduced efficiency of post-workout regeneration. 

Can this product be used while building muscle mass?
Of course! BCAA and L-glutamine amino acids are components of proteins that contribute to the formation of muscle tissue. In turn, citrulline will ensure optimal transport of components and oxygen to the muscles, which will increase the effectiveness of modeling a muscular figure.

Active ingredients

Amount per serving (12,5 g)


5000 mg

L- valine

2000 mg

L- isoleucine

2000 mg

Citrulline malate

1000 mg


L-glutamine, L-leucine, L-valine,

L-isoleucine, citrulline malate, acidity regulator:

 citric acid, flavor, sweetener: sucralose.

Number of servings